A lot of people try to reach this body through expensive and expensive surgeries, as well as by taking chemical drugs that may produce a short-term result but may cause damage to the body. In the long run, here’s all you need to do is follow a healthy diet and apply some natural slimming recipes that give good results and fast.



Natural recipes for Rapid weight loss

1 – Cumin and lemon

A grain of lemon.
one and half cup of water.
Large spoon of cumin.

How to prepare
Put the cumin in a metal vase.
Boil the water well on the fire and pour it directly on the cumin.
Cut the lemons into halves and add them to the mixture.
We leave the recipe for a whole night until you are well rested.
Drink Cuba from the mixture on the saliva and in the early morning and before eating half an hour.

Note: It is recommended to continue this recipe until the results appear, and advised to avoid following this recipe for people with stomach ulcers.


2-Garlic and lemon

Thirty pieces of garlic, peeled and not cut.
Four large yellow lemon seeds.
Six cups of water.
An appropriate amount of fresh parsley.

How to prepare

Put all the ingredients in a pot on the fire except for the parsley, then leave until boiling one.
Let the mixture cool down and add the parsley to the mixture. Mix the mixture with a strainer and keep the mixture in a glass vase and not plastic, then keep it in the refrigerator.
Drink a cup of coffee from the mixture three times a day before or after the main meals. Continue until you reach the desired result.


3-Apple cider vinegar

A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar or red vinegar. A glass of lukewarm water.

How to prepare

Add the apple cider vinegar to the lukewarm water and mix the mixture.
Drink the mixture after eating the main meal.

Note: It is not recommended to increase the apple cider vinegar, despite the multiple benefits of the body, but excessive use may cause damage and lead to the emergence of side effects.




Two teaspoons of anise.
A cup and a half cup of water.


How to prepare

Place the anise in a vase.
Sprinkle the boiling water on the anise.
Drink the anise cup daily on your stomach and before lunch.


5- Cumin and cinnamon
Add 1 cup of cumin, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon, half a teaspoon of soft ginger, mix well with each other, leave for 10 minutes, taste it with honey, Repeat the recipe until satisfactory results are obtained.


6- Fennel
Spoon three tablespoons of fennel seeds in a cup of boiled water for at least a full hour, and a half, and then drink it once a day, and repeat the application of the recipe to be observed results required.


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