Olive oil is extracted from the fruits of olive through the age or pressure, and this oil is one of the finest types of vegetable oil, and the most useful, so it is used in many areas widely, especially in the field of cooking, health and body care, skin, hair vitality, medicine Alternatively, it can be used alone or mixed with other ingredients to give double results. In this article, we will recognize the most important benefits of olive oil.


 Benefits of olive oil for the body

  1. Protects blood cells from oxidation, especially red ones, because it contains polyphenols.
  2. Protects bones from being fragile and laminating. It has high levels of calcium, so it is good for men especially after age 50 and for women after menopause.
  3. It protects the digestive system from cancer in all its forms and reduces the disorders and problems that may occur to it such as constipation and indigestion.
  4. Strengthens memory and thus prevents the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease, which results from the occurrence of atrophy in some brain cells that belong to memory. Relieves some skin infections such as eczema.
  5. Reduces the risk of psychological depression; because it contains a percentage of monounsaturated fat, as evidenced by the results of some studies.


 Benefits of olive oil for skin

  1. Maintains skin moisture and freshness and tightens.
  2. Moisturizes lip, it can be used to peel it through its blended with a little sugar and massage its lips. Cleans it from the effects of make-up; because it contains alkalis and acid cleanses pores.
  3. It reduces the occurrence of leaks because it contains squalene and antioxidants.
  4. Moisturizes the feet and can take advantage of its properties to get rid of dead cells found on the ankles particularly. So, if it mixed with drops of lemon juice.


Benefits of olive oil for hair

  1. It prevents it from falling, as it strengthens its bulbs and nourishes them.
  2. Kill scalp lice, if placed on hair for half an hour, massage well, and repeat it for at least ten consecutive days.
  3. Reduces the possibility of white hair, because it contains pigments that make hair retain its natural color.
  4. If you warm a quarter cup of oil on the fire for a few seconds, then massage the hair, wrap it in the plastic shower cap for an hour, then wash the hair with the appropriate shampoo.
  5. One of the most successful olive oil recipes for this purpose is mixing a large spoon of this oil with a whipped egg and applying it to the hair for half an hour before washing it.


Warnings on the use of olive oil

Olive oil is safe if taken orally or used on the skin (although there are some cases that showed late sensitization when used on the skin), and although olive oil is safe, there are some warnings to use it in some cases as follows:


  1. Pregnancy and lactation: There isn’t enough information about the safe intake of large amounts of olive oil during pregnancy and lactation. Therefore, it is better to exercise caution when taking pregnant and breastfeeding and to commit to eating the natural quantities in foods and avoid exceeding.
  2. Diabetics: Olive oil may reduce blood sugar level, so diabetics should pay attention to their glucose level after eating it. Interaction with pressure drugs: Because olive oil has an effect in lowering blood pressure, it is taken by people who take pressure medications may cause blood pressure to drop to very low levels.
  3. Surgery: Taking olive oil may make it difficult to control the level of blood sugar during and after surgery; therefore, you should stop taking it two weeks before surgery.


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