There are Asparagus many health benefits Asparagus contains a high percentage of folic acid needed by the body, especially women who give birth, as well as a rich source of vitamin C and vitamin B6 and against some cancers, and some recent studies confirmed that it improves mood and protects against depression.

8 Asparagus health benefits

Anti-aging: Contains a high percentage of antioxidants, and contains asparagus on glutathione, which contains 3 important amino acids, which act as antioxidants, in addition to the high content of vitamin C and A, and a high proportion of zinc and magnesium And selenium, which helps to resist signs of aging and aging.

Cancer resistance: Asparagus is also an anticancer drug. It is known that chronic inflammation and high oxidation in the body’s cells lead to cancer. Asparagus contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties and is therefore a strong fighter against colon, bladder, breast, lung, Other cancers.

Heart health: It contains folic acid and vitamin B, which is one of the most important components of cardiovascular health. It contains biochemical elements that help copy DNA cells and helps convert norepinephrine into adrenaline and serotonin into melatonin. , While folic acid helps maintain the health of the heart, while the group of vitamin B helps control the level of sugar in the blood in addition to the prevention of birth defects, spaghetti contains a high proportion of folic acid, which helps in the proper division of the cell and thus reduces the Risk of fetal injury Congenital malformations are recommended for pregnant women.

Diuretic: Asparagus contains a high percentage of amino acid diuretic and increases the body’s ability to endurance and helps in the treatment of chronic pain syndrome and helps to alert and attention. The digestive system is beneficial to the digestive system.

Asparagus contains a type of carbohydrate that contains beneficial bacteria that improve the absorption process in the body and reduce the risk of exposure to allergies and colon cancer and helps to get rid of harmful bacteria from the intestine and stomach, in addition, to contain high Of natural fiber that improves digestion.

Bone health: A rich source of vitamin K is very important for bone health, which protects against the risk of calcium accumulation in tissues that may lead to many diseases such as atherosclerosis and strokes

Blood Pressure: Asparagus effect on blood pressure New studies have been conducted in the United States on the effect of asparagus on blood pressure on rats. A research team at the University of Cagawa in Japan also published studies in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry. Rats for 3 weeks for low blood pressure through a diet containing 5% of asparagus, compared to those who did not take it.

Treatment of gout and rheumatism: There is also a German study on the benefits of asparagus, which has been shown to contain substances that help prevent diseases such as gout, constipation and rheumatism. Johans said that the benefits of asparagus are in the roots of the plant and not the legs because they contain minerals and Vitamins and aromatic oils. Asparagus can also be used to treat urinary tract infections and prevent kidney stones.

Asparagus health benefits

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