arugula is a nutrient-rich plant that grows naturally and is known for centuries as a very nutritious herb for skin, hair and health.

arugula s contains a large number of minerals (A), (o), (k) and plant nutrients such as isothiocyanates and colononasturates to strengthen bones, reduce neuronal damage and fight infection.

arugula helps keep the connective tissue healthy and prevents iron deficiency. Studies have confirmed that watercress limits the development of breast cancer cells and prevents DNA damage in cells.

We will, therefore, offer you many effective natural treatments for skin, hair and health.

Arugula benefits for skin

argula benefits for skin as follows:

arugula treats the skin: arugula contains several natural elements anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-bacterial, helps relieve various types of infectious skin infections, including acne and get rid of redness, and purifies the affected area to prevent further infection.

arugula contains vitamin A and vitamin C: these vitamins are antioxidants. Free radicals found in the skin if not controlled and disposed of can lead to fine lines and wrinkles which are signs of premature aging. A glass of watercress juice a day thickens the wrinkles of the skin.

Calming and cooling of the skin: arugula acts as a calming and natural coolant, which can get rid of itching and skin diseases such as eczema. It can also be used as a natural remedy for sunburn or itching of insect bites.

It protects against skin cancer: arugula contains 2 powerful antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin A. arugula possesses the ability to protect the skin from damage caused by excessive exposure to sunlight arugula ss in your diet to protect your skin from cancer.

Arugula benefits for hair

There are many argula benefits for skin as follows:

Useful for scalp health: Watercress is a treasure of various minerals as well as vitamins. In addition, it is a disinfectant and a powerful blood filter. Using watercress in the diet will help keep your scalp healthy and clean.

Protective of hair and scalp infections: The presence of zinc and sulfur in these cruciferous vegetables helps in the maintenance of bacterial infections that affect the scalp and hair. It also helps keep the scalp hydrated and prevents dehydration of the scaly scalp.

Treatment of hair loss: Keeping the scalp moist and air conditioned is always necessary to prevent hair loss. Watercress is great for moisturizing the scalp, it also helps in keeping your scalp from inflammation and treatment of hair loss.

hair grow: You can use arugula juice to help grow your hair. arugula possesses the ability to balance the work of hormones and this in turn helps to prolong hair. Vitamin A in arugula provides essential nutrients for the healthy growth of hair.

arugula benefits for health

Anti-cancer: Studies indicate that arugula has anti-tumor properties. The presence of antioxidants in these vegetables with the presence of chlorophyll helps to get rid of free radicals that cause oxidative damage arugula helps the body to get rid of carcinogens.

Good for eyes: arugula which benefits hair contains about 42% of the recommended daily value of vitamin A. This vitamin plays a major role in maintaining healthy eyes and preventing visual disturbances including cataracts and macular degeneration.

Treatment of bleeding gums: Vitamin X is a powerful antioxidant, found in large amounts in watercress. Studies indicate that vitamin C deficiency in the body leads to bleeding of the gums and the increase of arugula in your diet will help you get rid of all gum problems.


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