Our article today is about garlic benefits for men , hair, and health. Garlic is used in many foods, but more importantly, its many benefits to public health in general and its benefits to men and hair in particular, and this is what we will focus on today in our article.


Garlic benefits for men

there are many garlic benefits for men as follows:

  1. Garlic makes men more attractive to women: Just starting to eat garlic permanently makes men’s body odor more masculine and more attractive from the point of view of women, in a study conducted in 2015, found that men who ate more garlic was the smell of their bodies more beautiful and more The experiment included men who ate garlic in various forms; raw, cooked, dried or in the form of garlic extract pills. The greater the amount of garlic, the more positive the results were in the admiration of women with the smell of men.
  2. This is due to the fact that the person follows signs that are related to the diet – unconsciously – as evidence of health in the choice of a partner who is healthier.
  3. Garlic for erectile dysfunction: Garlic contains hydrogen sulphide, which increases the strength and length of the erection. This substance increases the blood pumping of the muscles and improves blood circulation. Hydrogen sulfide is also used in Viagra or men’s sex pills. Men are advised to eat garlic three times a day to improve their sexual performance over the long term and then reduce the amount to three times a week after a month of improvement.
  4. Garlic to increase libido Also: Garlic increases the attractiveness of men and improves sexual performance, it increases his sexual desire, where garlic improves the health of men in general, reduces the levels of cholesterol and lowers blood pressure and improves the health of the heart and resists inflammation, To make the individual better health, and increases the capacity and improves the flow of blood circulation and raise the mood, which naturally leads to increased sexual desire as well.
  5. Garlic is useful for prostate health: The hydrogen sulfide present in garlic is directly related to prostate health. It protects against benign prostatic hyperplasia, which is an unpleasant but very harmful health condition. The prostate is enlarged in a way that reduces the amount of urine the body gets rid of as it grows. The number of times urinating significantly.
  6. Garlic as an aphrodisiac: Garlic works as an aphrodisiac for men and women as well. It contributes to reducing tension, relieving nerve pressure and stimulating positive feelings and libido due to its strong activating effect.


Garlic benefits for hair

there are many garlic benefits for hair as follows:

  1. strengthens hair and make it less prone to breakage, relieve hair dryness and itching in the scalp.
  2. The treatment of alopecia, according to the results of two studies in Iran and the Philippines, on a group of people with alopecia; had introduced garlic as a treatment for alopecia, and the other group did not enter garlic in treatment, and found that the group that adopted garlic appeared to be a marked improvement compared to the other group.


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