Our article today will be about healthy and spiritual benefits of fasting , Fasting is defined as constipation, abstinence or cessation of break-ins from dawn to sunset, one of the pillars of Islam imposed on Muslims since the second year of migration by the consensus of the scholars.

It should be noted that the ruling of fasting is either imposed, or obligatory as fasting, vow, and expiation, or voluntary, such as confirmed or desirable Sunnahs, and nawafl, knowing that fasting has virtues, benefits, and importance, as we will inform you in this article of its importance.


Healthy fasting benefits

There are many healthy and spiritual benefits of fasting as follows:

  • Resting the gastrointestinal tract and stomach especially, abstaining from eating and drinking for hours leads to the cessation of gastric and other internal organs associated with digestion from work, which leads to increased efficiency later.
  • Treatment of infections, especially arthritis.
  • Gets rid of damaged and weakened human body cells.
  • Protecting the skin against various diseases, most notably reducing the incidence of oily skin in various diseases.
  • Prevention of strokes that affect the brain or heart, because of the control of fasting with harmful
  • Reduces Cholesterol, which causes blockage of the arteries and blood vessels.
  • Improves memory, and ignites the mind, thus increasing the level of focus and extracting new positive thoughts.
  • Helps improve vision and increases visibility. The fasting system in Islam, in which a person abstains from eating and drinking for at least fourteen hours while breakfast is a few hours, is an ideal system in which the body disposes of the old and redundant cells and activates the building and demolition processes in the body.
  • Increases skin immunity and resistance to diseases such as psoriasis, so that fasting reduces the excess water content in the skin tissue.
  • Reduces the toxins produced by the stomach, which reduces the appearance of pimples.
  • The pancreas, which converts sugar into fat and benign nutrients stored in the body tissues, becomes tired and tired of performing its function if the amount of food exceeds the amount of insulin excreted, thus increasing the rates of sugar accumulation in the blood and thus the emergence of diabetes.
  • Because the hunger drives the internal organs of the body, the weak cells are consumed to cope with hunger and get rid of the damaged cells and works to renew them and thus restore the body vitality and activity.
  • Treats Arthritis, which causes joint pain, is rid of the body and toxic substances during the consecutive fasting period of not less than three weeks and is considered the best treatment ever.
  • Fasting and decreasing the amount of food is an effective treatment in the prevention of kings disease, known as gout, which is caused by eating meat in abundance.


Spiritual benefits of fasting

There are many spiritual benefits of fasting as follows:

  • Fasting educates a Muslim to memorize his tongue from obscene and obscene words.
  • Fasting teaches the self to control its emotions. In fasting, it strives for self and emotion and restrains its girdles when the Muslim refrains from eating and drinking for the sake of reward from God.
  • Fasting educates a Muslim to triumph over his lusts. If the Muslim wins over the lusts of the belly and the vulva, that is a prelude to the great victory. Sin and sins are committed because of the control of the soul and the desire.
  • Fasting educates a Muslim to be balanced in his life. The fasting person avoids both physical and mental imperfections. As he obeys God in the day, he obeys him at night.


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