Next to it’s considered as one of the sweet-tasting fruits, there are many mango benefits for hair , baby health, and body in general.

It’s cultivated also in tropical and subtropical regions, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Bangladesh, with a tree length of between 35 and 40 meters.

Its roots are in the ground to about six meters to be one of the perennial trees, and the fruit is different from each other in size and color, and are found in yellow, orange, red and green, and these fruits have great benefits.


General mango benefits for the human body

there are many mango benefits for hair and general health as follows:

  • Cancer prevention: Contains antioxidants such as calexcitin, vaccine, astragali, and isoquercitrin, the task of these substances protect the body from substances that cause colon, breast, blood, and prostate cancer.
  • Reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood: because of the presence of vitamin C high with bactan, fiber, and it is rich in potassium, which is an important element of the cell that helps control the heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Cleansing the skin: It activates the pores and contributes to the freshness of the face, which can be used on any type of skin without complications, and treat the pores that cause acne, and a thin slice of mango for 10 minutes to 15 minutes, and then Wash and wash the body well.
  • Weight loss: Contains many vitamins and nutrients that help the body to complete, and at the same time burning extra calories obtained by the human body.
  • Enhancing sexual desire: This fruit contains the properties of sexual activation also known as the fruit of love and contains vitamin E which helps to regulate sex hormones and promotes sex drive.
  • Eye Strengthening: Rich in vitamin A, as one cup of mango slices, gives 25% of the daily need for this vitamin, which strengthens the strength of the eye, as it fights eye dryness and resistant to night blindness.


Mango benefits for hair

There are many mango benefits for hair as follows:

  • The source of vitamins and minerals: Mango is a fruit rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish hair and promotes hair growth by giving hair the following:
  • Getting wet hair: You can use mango to make a good natural balm for hair. Mix mango pulp with hanging yogurt and yolks. Apply the mixture to the hair and leave it for 30 minutes. This helps you get wet hair.
  • Treatment of dandruff: Mango contains vitamin A which helps in combating dandruff, in addition to hair shine. It is often used in various types of hair moisturizers. Mangoes contain vitamin E, which stimulates blood circulation and stimulates hair growth.
  • Hair loss treatment: The mango oil found in the seeds is a good source of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. You can prepare this oil by removing the outer shell of the seeds and add it to a bowl of coconut, sesame or mustard oil and leave this container in the sun for a few days. This oil works to prevent hair loss.


7 Amazing Mango benefits for baby

There are many mango benefits for baby as follows:

1 – contains a high percentage of vitamins (A) and (B) and (C)

2 – benefit in strengthening eyesight and general weakness

Useful for scurvy

4 – Melina and Abhima

5- Contains phosphorus, calcium, and iron.

6- Mango seeds have a high content of tannic acid, which is useful for chronic diarrhea

7- Seed powder is used to kill worms in the intestines


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