Many people around the world do not know much about thyme, and here I mean its benefits on skin and general health, so in this article, we will learn about the benefits of thyme for skin and health in detail.


 Thyme benefits for skin

There are many thyme benefits for skin as follows:

Treatment of acne: Thyme reduces the appearance of acne; because it contains disinfectant, antibacterial, and sterile ingredients, where a group of researchers conducted some experiments on thyme leaves, after being immersed with an appropriate amount of medical alcohol, for a few weeks, and left for a while; The researchers found that the dye of thyme extracted from it was more effective than the acne treatment products, which contain most of them. Li anti-acne ingredients contain a substance Benzoyl peroxide.

Treatment of various skin diseases: Thyme is an aromatic herb used in many popular treatments, and has been shown to be effective in the treatment of fungal skin infections, such as eczema and other similar skin diseases, and in comparison to the two types of anti-fungal cream, The results showed the importance of thyme cream, with the use of skin diseases was 66.5%, while the results of the use of chamomile cream were low and estimated at 6% 6.5% is the same result as any placebo.

Enhances skin health: Thyme provides health support, accelerates wound healing, reduces signs of aging and signs of aging, and has been used by nurses as a form of antiseptic bandages.

Antioxidants: Thyme is an antioxidant-rich aromatic herb that fights free radicals, causing damage and damage to skin cells. Antioxidants in tannins, saponins, inhibit free radicals And neutralize them before damaging oxidative stress in skin cells.


Thyme leaves benefits for health

There is thyme leaves benefits for health as follows:

1- Natural Antibiotic: The results of a study show that the substances responsible for the plant taste (Timol and Carbicrol) have the ability to deal with bacteria and fungi more effectively than antibiotics.

2- Treatment of respiratory diseases: The benefits of thyme contains more substances such as tannins, Borneol, Thujone, Linalool.

These substances are generally considered very useful in treating winter phenomena and solving respiratory problems (including those caused by a virus), such as:
Wet cough.
Chronic bronchitis.
Relieve congestion and balance excess or lack of mucus, which is very important in cases of colds.

3. Treatment of digestive system problems: One of the benefits of thyme is that it treats problems and pollution in the digestive system (gases, diarrhea, parasites, fluorine, which is anti-bacterial), and is useful in the process of cleaning blood and inflammation in the urinary tract.

4- Fighting cancer diseases: In addition to the many benefits of thyme in the treatment of various winter phenomena, this wonderful plant has two additional active ingredients: Merben and Ursolic acid.

These two components are now receiving much attention from the research community. Recently they have discovered that these active ingredients may prevent the growth of cancerous tumors and HIV.







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