Watercress is a very useful green plant for the human body because it contains many vitamins and minerals beneficial to the human body, and today we will know the watercress benefits for hair & watercress benefits for skin and health in general.


watercress benefits for hair

there are many watercress benefits for hair as follows:

Eliminating the scalp: the watercress is a paper plant full of benefits, vitamins, essential minerals necessary for healthy hair and scalp. If we add watercress to our diet, we have added a strong, blood-cleansing cleanser, as well as make the scalp healthy and clean.

Resisting the infection of the scalp: The jar is rich in zinc and sulfur, and this keeps the scalp away from infection with bacteria and maintains the moisturization of the scalp, and prevents dryness, and thus protects against dandruff.

Preventing hair loss: Wet scalp prevents hair loss, and watercress, as mentioned previously, helps to moisturize the scalp.

Helps in hair growth: its juice stimulates the scalp, helps hair growth, because it balances hormones, in addition to containing watercress vitamin A, which provides nutrients that help to promote hair growth, and nutrition.

Watercress is used to increase the intensity of the hair: The problem of light hair is one of the problems that can suffer women, during some periods of life, because of exposure to hair changes hormonal or biological, so some have followed one of the excellent recipes that have received a good impression of many Of the women, and the best, was the recipe watercress that works to increase the density of hair, by mixing each tablespoon of oil (coconut, corn, castor and sesame) with egg yolks and a quarter cup of fresh watercress juice, then Paint the hair, and leave for a period not exceeding two hours, and can apply this descriptive Three times per week.

The watercress is used to treat the hair: The juice of watercress is used to solve many health problems of hair, such as the problem of hair loss, and problems of the crust, to contain watercress a high proportion of some minerals, including sulfur and iron, and this can be done by massage scalp with fresh juice of watercress on a daily basis.

Watercress is used to prolong the hair: can be used watercress to prolong the hair healthy and natural, and that by taking care to eat during meals, or through hair and scalp daily massage with fresh juice of watercress, because it contains a good proportion of vitamin A, Which qualifies him to restore the hormonal balance in the body.


watercress benefits for skin

there are many watercress benefits for skin as follows:

 SKIN INFECTIONS: Watercress contains natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial elements, which helps in the prevention of many types of skin infections including acne and rosacea, which helps to eliminate inflammation and fade redness, as well as disinfects the affected area to prevent further infection. Blood from the inside.

Watercress to fight wrinkles: Watercress contains vitamin A and vitamin C abundance. Each of these vitamins is anti-oxidant and it fights the free radicals found in the skin which leads to fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. A glass of watercress a day keeps wrinkles away.

Moisturizing the skin: Watercress helps to get rid of itching and skin diseases such as eczema. It can also be used as a natural remedy for sunburn and itching due to insect bites.

Preventing skin from cancer: Watercress contains antioxidants – vitamin C and vitamin A which have the ability to protect the skin from damage caused by excessive exposure to sunlight. Using watercress in food protects your skin from cancer.


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