In this article, we will provide the best multivitamin for women over 40 that help them to maintain their health and fitness in the age of forty.

Best multivitamin for women over 40!

1- Vitamin B-12: Vitamin B12 strengthens memory and nerves, helps to increase concentration and treat Anaemia. Women need vitamin B12 after the age of 40, helping to treat sleep disorders and prevent osteoporosis.

The appropriate dose: It is recommended to take 3 micrograms daily.

Vitamin B12 Sources in food: It is found in meat, fish, and poultry, and is also found in eggs and dairy products.

2- Calcium: Women need adequate amounts of calcium after the age of forty. Calcium helps in maintaining healthy bones and teeth, and also improves nerve function and protects against osteoporosis and thinning.

The appropriate dose: 1000 mg of calcium should be taken daily.

Calcium Sources in food: Dairy products, eggs, sardines, and legumes, such as chick peas, peas and white beans.


Vitamin D: Vitamin D helps to prevent osteoporosis, heart disease and stroke and It also reduces the risk of tissue stiffness and breast cancer.Vitamin D is an important vitamin for women after age 40.

The appropriate dose: You should get 2.5 micrograms of vitamin D daily.

Vitamin D Sources in food: Vitamin D is found in eggs, yogurt and salmon, and you can also get vitamin D by exposure to sunlight for 15 minutes.


Magnesium: Magnesium helps ease the body’s absorption of calcium and also regulates blood pressure and most women after age 40 are at risk of high blood pressure. Magnesium deficiency in the body is associated with many health problems also, such as heart disease and nervous system diseases.

The appropriate dose: It is recommended to eat 320 mg of magnesium daily.

 Magnesium Sources in food You can get precious magnesium from vegetables, such as green beans and spinach, as it is found in fish, dairy products and pineapples.


5- Potassium: Potassium is a mineral that helps prevent the risk of strokes and plays a key role in maintaining blood pressure. Potassium regulates the body’s fluid content and distributes water to cells.

The appropriate dose: It is recommended to take 4.7 g daily, the dose should not be increased unless you consult your doctor.

Potassium Sources in food: Potassium is found in bananas, oranges and avocados, and is also found in nuts, brown rice and beans.


6- Omega 3: Omega-3 is an acid that has many benefits. It protects against the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It also plays a key role in maintaining concentration, skin health and delaying signs of aging.

The appropriate dose: Doctors recommend eating 500 mg of omega 3 daily, and if you have heart disease, you should take the dose 800 to 1000 mg daily. You should consult your doctor to determine the appropriate dose.

Omega 3 Sources in food: Fish, flaxseeds and leafy vegetables, also found in soybeans and almonds.


7- probiotics: Women over 40 should maintain intestinal health, reduce weight and reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. So, probiotics must be main in your daily meals.

probiotics Sources in food: Probiotics are found in all dairy products


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