Durian fruits are on the list of things that are not allowed to be carried on the plane, because of its fresh smell, regardless of smell, today we will recognize Dorian benefits for health and sex known to them.


Dorian benefits for health

There are many Dorian benefits for health as follows:

1 – Improve digestion: The two periodicity contains a large amount of dietary fiber that helps digestion and improves, as the fibers in the periodic help to strengthen the bowel movement and facilitate the movement of waste during.

Fiber generally helps fight constipation, treat puffiness and gases, and reduce the chances of intestinal cramps, stomach upset and poor digestion.

2. Enhancing the health of the circulatory system: The fibers in the durian contribute to reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and help the body to get rid of them quickly, which reduces the chances of injury to the circulatory system in any defect.

Potassium, which is abundant in durian, also helps keep the blood pressure in the body under control. When there is an adequate amount of potassium in the body, blood vessels relax and contract, and the chances of atherosclerosis and heart stroke decrease.

3 – Treatment of anemia: Anorexia is a fruit rich in many essential minerals and vitamins, especially folic acid, which helps to promote the production of blood cells in the body.

Dorian is also an excellent source of copper and iron, which the body needs to produce blood properly and regularly, making Dorian fruit ideal for healing anemia when taken regularly.

4. An excellent source of energy: One serving of durian fruits contains about 20% of your daily carbohydrate needs. Therefore, taking a little pre-exercise durian may be good and healthy.

5 – Improve bone health: Dorian fruit is an excellent source of magnesium, potassium, manganese, and copper, all the mentioned minerals make Dorian important fruit and necessary to strengthen bones and increase their endurance.

Potassium, in general, is one of the nutrients that promote the absorption of other nutrients needed by the body, which supports bones and increases its strength and reduce the chances of osteoporosis.

6 – Combating cancer: The periodicity contains many minerals and vitamins that act as important antioxidants, and antioxidants are necessary to improve metabolism and control of free radicals that contribute to the conversion of normal cells to cancer cells.

Antioxidants in the durian generally help to boost the health of the immune system, the most important of which are: vitamin C, group B vitamins, vitamin J.

7 – treat stress and migraines, and relieve the body’s various pains.

8. Reduce depression, anxiety, and insomnia, and help to stimulate the feeling of happiness by raising the level of serotonin in the brain.

9 – help to get rid of cholesterol blood before it causes damage to the heart; because they contain a high proportion of amino acids. Strengthens muscles due to the high amount of protein found in them, and is a good source of useful fats.


Dorian benefits for sex

Here are some of Dorian benefits for sex as follows:

Durian fruits are among the fruits that increase libido in men and women alike.

Durian fruits also help to treat infertility in men by stimulating sperm production, increasing their number and strengthening them.

Periodic fruits play an important role in the elimination of diseases of weakness or impotence and promote the process of production of eggs in women.


Dorian benefits for pregnant women

Here are a few Dorian benefits for pregnant women as follows:

Dorian fruit helps protect the pregnant woman from the pain and complications that may occur during pregnancy. Periodic fruits play an important role in strengthening women’s immunity and improving digestion and absorption of food. It also helps the fruit of Dorian nutrition of the fetus in a healthy manner.


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