The fruit is called passion fruit, is found in several countries such as Brazil, America, and Argentina, and is exported to different countries of the world, and spread recently in the Arab countries, fruit tends to purple color so called the fruit of the organic.

And sometimes yellow when they reach the stage of full maturity, and inside the many seeds that are useful, so the interior resembles the fruit of the fig and the skin is smooth and can be taken as fruit, or juice according to the preference of everyone.

passion fruit benefit for health
There are many passion fruit benefits for health as follows:

1. Fighting cancer
Peach fruit helps resist cancer cells and reduce their growth because they contain antioxidants and chemicals that fight cancer.

2-Helps improve bone health
Passion fruit helps in healthy bones in bones, fights bone and joint pain, and fights osteoporosis, especially with age, because it contains many minerals, such as iron, copper, phosphorus, and others.

3. Resist insomnia
Passion fruit contains a compound called Harman. This compound helps calm the nerves and relieve insomnia. Doctors recommend people who suffer from insomnia at night and to take care of their fruit, to help them sleep and relax.

4- Protect the digestive system
Peanut fruit works to regulate the movement of the stomach and intestines, because it is full of fiber, which helps the health of the digestive system, and reduces the incidence of constipation, and protection against colon cancer, and reduce the proportion of cholesterol.

5. Treatment of asthma
Passion fruit helps protect the respiratory system from certain diseases, such as asthma because it is rich in antioxidants that dissolve in water or fat.

6. Protect the heart
Because the fruit contains acids, which act as antimicrobial, so it protects the heart from diseases, such as heart attacks.

7-Helps to reduce weight
This fruit is rich in fiber and minerals, which will stimulate the feeling of fullness and fullness, thus reducing weight, so it is indispensable for those who follow a diet.

8. Useful for pregnant women
This is because it contains many minerals needed by the pregnant woman to build the health of her fetus, but doctors advise not to overuse the pregnant women because they cause dizziness and nausea and increase the speed of their heartbeat.

9. Aging resistance
Passion Fruit helps with natural collagen, aging, aging, and wrinkles.

10 – pain relief
Passion fruit helps relieve pain, because of the alkalis contained in the leaves of the harmen, so it is used as a residence in some popular areas of some countries.

11 – reduce nerve
Passion fruit helps in reducing nervousness and helps to calm the soul, so some countries use it to treat nervous children.

12. Treatment of diabetes
This fruit helps regulate blood sugar, so it is very useful for diabetics.

13 – prevent hair loss
Peach fruit helps to reduce hair loss and give it health and vitality.

14. Liver protection
Peanut fruit works to protect the liver from diseases, rid it of toxins, activate it, and regulate its functions.

15. Addressing malnutrition
Passion fruit helps to reduce malnutrition and treat anemia because it contains many minerals and vitamins, which supply the body with what needs to fight anemia and anemia.

Makeup fiberglass that the body needs daily. Fiber gives a sense of fullness and satiety, regulates intestinal movement and facilitates digestion. These fruits also contain fibers for solubility, and these will fight constipation. It also cleans arteries of excess cholesterol and prevents colorectal cancer.

They are a rich source of minerals, such as iron, copper, magnesium, and phosphorus, which are a very important fruit for bone health and for increasing bone density and strength.

18 – soothing
Unlike most fruit types, peanuts can be eaten in the evening because they fight insomnia, because of a compound called Harman which in turn limits anxiety and tension.

Contains a combination of antioxidants that fight the growth of cancer cells. Its acids also protect the function of the heart and fight germs.


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