Vitamin B12 is one of the main nutrients needed by your body daily to overcome diseases, and we will talk about its benefits on our body in details in this article.


What are the sources of Vitamin B12?!

But, we need to know at first where we can get vitamin B12 or the question in another way what are the sources of Vitamin B12?! Simply, we can get this vitamin in meat, eggs, milk, nuts, legumes, chicken and fish.


Most important 10 benefits of Vitamin B12 for our health! 

  • Produce Red blood cells

When you are anemic, your body doesn’t have enough red blood cells to transport oxygen to your vital organs, which causes you to experience persistent symptoms such as fatigue and dizziness when doing simple activities.

But VitaminB12 helps produce more red blood cells, reducing the risk of anemia.


  • Strengthens memory

Forgetting some information or people is a common symptom of vitaminB12 deficiency. In contrast, getting the amounts helps to strengthen memory, so students are often advised to take it.


  • Boosts your immune system

Several studies have shown that vitaminB12 has an effect on the health of the immune system. It protects against cancer, especially when folic acid is present.


  • Increases sperm

Studies have shown that vitamin B12 supplementation increases the number of sperm and improves their ability to move, which reduces the risk of infertility.


  • Work as an anti-inflammatory

Certain types of vitamin B12 are necessary to control the pain, and without them, the body will not be able to do its functions.

Studies of patients with back pain, neck and legs showed that taking vitamin B12 improved their condition and significantly reduced their pain.


  • Keep nails healthy

Broken nails and their weakness are a sign of vitaminB12 deficiency, because this is important for the process of producing cells that give their nails shape.

So, eating healthy foods rich in vitamin B12 can lead to healthy nails.


  • Protects from birth defects

Taking adequate doses of vitaminB12 during pregnancy is essential for a healthy pregnancy.

Lack of vitamin B12 in the early stages of pregnancy may increase the risk of having a child with congenital defects, premature birth or miscarriage.


  • Reduces injury to osteoporosis

Maintaining enough levels of vitaminB12 keeps your bones healthy, and vitamin B12 deficiency greatly affects your body’s movement and makes you more likely to fall, so be sure to take supplements if you have low levels of your blood


  • Prevent eye diseases

Maintaining eye health is one of the important functions of vitamin B12, which may damage the nervous system, which in turn affects the optic nerve.


Maintaining enough levels of vitaminB12 help prevent the risk of macular degeneration in the age-related eye. Researchers believe that supplementing vitamin B12 may reduce homocysteine, a type of amino acid in the bloodstream that increases the risk of infection With this disease.


  • Increase energy

This vitamin helps facilitate metabolic processes within your body because of its role in converting complex carbohydrates into simple glucose chains used by cells to acquire energy.


This mechanism allows your body to do your daily tasks without feeling fast or chronic fatigue.


How do you measure the levels of Vitamin B12 in your blood?!

You can measure your vitaminB12 rate by taking a blood sample from a laboratory, and the result is classified as:


Normal rate: The level of this vitamin ranged between 200 to 900 ng / l of blood.

Low average: if the minimum values have between 200 to 500 ng / l.

Severe deficiency: If the level is less than 180 ng / l.


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