Vitamin B17 known as amygdaline or Laetrile, belongs to the group of glycosides, specifically cyanogenic glycosides, which were isolated from almond and apricot seeds in 1830 and then used in Russia in 1830 for the first time to be used in the United States for the first time First in the early 20th century.


What are the uses of vitamin B17?

  • Treatment of high pressure: because it contains Thiocyanate (Thiocyanate), which contribute to the reduction of pressure, but there are no studies to show whether this activity is instantaneous or effective in the long term, so it is not recommended to use vitamin B 17 to treat high pressure or replacement.
  • Cancer treatment: As long as vitamin B17 has been promoted as a cancer treatment, it has made some patients more likely to use it instead of cancer treatments that have proven its effectivity. The increased use of vitamin B-17 raises the toxicity, which increases the health problems associated with it.
  • Relieve joint pain
  • Strengthening the immune system: through its ability to produce white blood cells to stimulate the attack of pathogens.


What are the sources of Vitamin B17?

  • Seeds of some fruits such as apricots, apples, peaches, strawberry seeds, berries, grapefruit, flax.
  • Nuts such as cashew nuts and bitter almonds.
  • Cereals such as sorghum (sorghum), barley, clover.


Medicinal forms of vitamin B17

 There are many forms of medicine for vitamin B 17 may be in the form of pills, or in the form of intravenous, or muscle, or anal, and may be in the form of lotion, and the treatment schedule is usually to give the patient intravenous injection over two to three Weeks, and then is given vitamin B17 pills as a maintenance therapy, with the observation that the side effects are more severe when taking vitamin B17 by mouth compared to the injection.


Vitamin B17 and cancer

Vitamin B17 has been widely used as an alternative treatment for cancer in the past 40 years. Vitamin B 17 was widely used in the 1960s as a primary therapy or as part of metabolic therapy, which includes a special diet, a combination of enzymes and high doses of vitamins, bringing the number of people treated with vitamin B 17 more than 70,000 people in 1978 in the United States of America, and it was banned from import in 1987, and then banned the use or circulation as a treatment in the United States and European countries.

According to pre-clinical trials conducted by the National Cancer Institute, amygdalin has no therapeutic effect if given individually, or in addition to the enzymes that stimulate hydrogen cyanide, but its side effects have been observed if amygdalin is given with the catalysts to be hydrogen cyanide, Although there are no clinical studies comparing the effect of amygdalin use on cancer patients.

Vitamin B-17 is an unauthorized drug by the Food and Drug Administration. The neighboring state of Mexico is the most important provider of vitamin B-17 despite the uneven quality of the product in terms of its purity and its components. Some products containing On bacteria and components unrelated to the product.


Warning about vitamin B17

There are many websites that promote vitamin B17 as a cancer treatment, although no recognized medical organization supports this assumption, So you have to be Careful and cautious in adopting or confirming this information, and it is advisable to consult your doctor before purchasing these products.


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